Scholarships for Master Programmes


Within the framework of strengthening cooperation with universities – partners, Nizhny Novgorod State University announces scholarships contest for studying in Master’s degree programmes.


Teaching is to be performed in Russian on the following fields:

philology, journalism, history, international relations, or in English: management, fundamental computer science and information technologies, mathematics and computer science.


The scholarship will fully cover studying for 2 years in Master’s degree programme and also more than half of the cost of student hostel payment (such students will pay 4500 rubles for 10 months instead of usual 14000 rubles for 10 months).


Scholarship holders will also receive 1300 rubles academic scholarship every month and in case of good studying and successful participation in scientific conferences, sport and creative festivals, they will be granted with additional scholarships and bonuses.


Upon coming to the University, the expenses will include the following:
1. Student hostel payment – 4500 rubles for 10 months (the terms of living are standard – same with the Russian students);
2. Payment for medical examination and obtaining of necessary certificates - approximately 3000 rubles;
3. Expenses for acknowledgment of foreign documents of previous education;
4. Medical insurance and life insurance – 6000 rubles per year;
5. Extension of student visa (state duty) – 1600 rubles per year;


Information on the procedure of the contest selection, application form and a list of necessary documents are available: http://www.unn.ru/eng/admissions/costs-and-scholarships


Questions (if any) can be addressed to e-mail: admissions@fis.unn.ru


Please pay attention to the postponed deadline till the 15th of June, 2015 for acceptance of documents for the students of the University of Novi Sad.