Summer camp

On behalf of the Club d'Europe I would like to inform you about our 
upcoming Summer Camp that will take place in Vienna from the July 6-13. 
Students can now apply for a place until the 15th of May.
The Club d'Europe Summer Camp is organised in an attempt to keep former 
Campus Europae movers involved and interested in our programme. We 
further hope to offer a nice event to all those student volunteers and 
representatives who make Campus Europae as lively as we know it.
Please note that any of your students can apply and should be encouraged 
to do so. Should we receive more applications than available places, 
then preference will be given to the above mentioned groups.
The Summer Camp will be a combination of educational activities, fun 
events with the aim to improve group dynamics and visits to interesting 
places in Vienna and close by. All in all, it is a very nice programme 
for a one week summer holiday trip to Vienna. Directly after the Summer 
Camp, the well known Ride for your Rights! project will take off heading 
towards Ankara. Perhaps some of your students are also interested in the 
second event.
More information about both events can be found here:
Summer Camp:
1. Website:
2. Facebook:
Ride for your Rights!
1. Website:
2. Facebook: