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CEU Summer University (June 3- July 31, 2013, Budapest, Hungary) invites application from graduate students, junior or post-doctoral researchers, teachers and professionals.


In 2013 the summer school offers 20 high-level, research-oriented, interdisciplinary academic courses as well as workshops on policy issues for professional development, taught by internationally renowned scholars and policy experts (including CEU faculty). Application from all over the world is encouraged. Financial aid is available.


Further details: http://www.summer.ceu.hu


The general application deadline is February 15, 2013.




Course list:


Research-Intensive courses:


  • Adaptation Governance: Spatial, Temporal, and Cultural Constraints and Opportunities
  • Comparative Regionalisms: Changing Forms of Governance in Asia, Africa and the Americas and the Effects on the World Order
  • Constitution-building in Africa
  • Documentary Cinema in the Digital Century
  • Justice: Theory and Applications
  • Medieval Codicology and Palaeography
  • Moral Intuitionism: Epistemological and Methodological Aspects
  • Reading Old Bodies: New Directions in the Bio-Archaeological Heritage
  • Religion and Realism in Political Thought- Historical Perspectives and Recent Developments
  • The Politics of Citizenship


Policy and Training courses


  • Drug Policy and Human Rights
  • Green Industry: Pathways Towards the Industry of the Future
  • Innovative Financing for Education: Arguments, Options and Implications
  • Internet Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy Advocacy
  • Leadership and Management for Integrity (the course has two policy labs:

-Integrity Education: Teaching Integrity and Improving the Integrity of Higher Education

-SME’s and Social Enterprises - Doing Business with Integrity in Emerging Markets)

  • Mediation and Other Methods to Foster Democratic Dialogue
  • Mental Disability Law in Practice
  • Strategic Human Rights Litigation
  • Sustainable Human Development: From International Frameworks to Regional Policies



Sarolta Szabo (Ms)
Program Co-ordinator
CEU Summer University ,1051 Budapest, Nador utca 9.
E-mail: szabos@ceu.hu, Phone: (36-1)327-3811,Fax: (36-1)327-3124