Technological innovations and market encourage education systems to offer better and new learning opportunities. The most common approaches applied in order to achieve that nowadays certainly involve e-learning. It bridges the physical and any other gaps between teachers and learners, though often by combining the use of modern technological devices and face to face communication.

This approach can be used in adult education, as an additional opportunity for training in new areas, special training for disabled persons, people physically away from campuses, or for continuous education of employees at their workplaces.

At the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad these opportunities were acknowledged more than a decade ago and since then a lot of work has been done on the implementation of technical solutions that enable the successful teaching and learning online. However, we conduct our classes usually in the blended mode, i.e. e-learning is used as support to the face to face classes.

Besides developing e-learning solutions for our own purposes, we have plenty of experience in providing hosting, instructional design services and technical support for e-learning platforms used by other institutions. We have also conducted several specialized courses for teachers and administrators who wanted to learn more about the possibilities offered by modern e-learning platforms.


ePMF is based on a powerful Open Source learning management system (LMS) Moodle. That platform has been in use at our faculty since 2004. At first it was introduced to support face to face classes at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, primarily within our Computer Science studies. Due to its great stability and performance in everyday practice it has become an irreplaceable tool for many of our teachers and its popularity is growing rapidly at other departments.

Since 2011, central Moodle installation is available to our teaching staff and students at all departments. It is primarily used for:


  • Conducting parts of our courses online
  • Communication among students and teachers
  • Efficient distribution of electronic course materials
  • Facilitating course organization
  • Examination
  • ...

The system can be accessed at the following address: https://moodle.pmf.uns.ac.rs/

Access to the content within it is permitted only to the teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Sciences:

  • Students access the website using the same parameters they use within our student services system. That service provides mechanisms for the registration of new users and password recovery.
  • Teaching staff uses their faculty accounts, those used to access all our services (e-mail, eduroam, etc.).



Živana Komlenov Mudrinski, Moodle administrator / certified instructional designer
DMI/DP, new annex, II floor, office 3
moodle@pmf.uns.ac.rs, (+381-21-485)-2872