Especially important for successful realization of research projects is the available laboratory equipment, whose modernization represents a permanent task.

Today the Faculty owns the scintillation counter „Wallac System 1410“ of manifold application which is used for radioimmune and radioreceptor analyses of hormones and hormone receptors in biological samples, GeNaJ(TI) multiparametric coincidents of low-frequency gamaspectrometric system, system for spectral analysis of plasma radiation, system for technical examination of materials, system for X-ray diffraction examination of materials, gas-mass spectrophotometer, gas-chromatograph with µECD detector and FID detector, Purge-and-trap system for preparation of samples for gas-chromatographic analysis, HPLC, NMR, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV-VIS, IR and FTIR spectrophotometers, GIS-geographic information system, etc.