The monument to Dositej Obradović The monument to Dositej Obradović

After the Resolution of the Federal People’s Assembly on professional education (1960), the degree education was introduced at the Yugoslav universities during the academic school years of 1960/61 and 1961/62. Consequently, all study groups at the Teachers’ College in Novi Sad were dismissed while the activities of the Faculty of Philosophy were expanded. During the academic school year of new study groups for physics, chemistry, biology and geography were introduced in the field of sciences.


The bust of Professor Branislav Bukurov The bust of Professor Branislav Bukurov

Various disciplines of science had been developing and strengthening in terms of expert staff within individual faculties up to 1961.  In order to achieve the most rational use of space, personnel and equipment, for both teaching and scientific-research activities, the University Institutes of Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology were established in 1961 (1962). The Institutes are accommodated in spatially various ways. The Institute of Chemistry was located in one of the pavilions of the Faculty of Agriculture, which was designated to chemistry anyway; the Institute of Biology was located in the building of the former Teachers’ College in the Street of the Yugoslav Armed Forces, and was later moved to the Petrovaradin Fortress, in the old building of the Faculty of Agriculture (later Faculty of Technology). A new building was built within the future university complex for the Institute of Physics and Mathematics. The construction was completed in 1963. The Institute of Geography was situated in the building of the former Teachers’ College in Svetozara Markovića Street.


The strengthening of science groups within the Faculty of Philosophy has gradually created the conditions for establishing of the Faculty of Sciences.


The Bust of Mileva Marić The Bust of Mileva Marić

On May 25th, 1969, the Council of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad made a decision based on which the Faculty of Sciences was established out of the Sciences Department of the Faculty of Philosophy. On July 7th, 1969, the Assembly of the Socialist Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (SAPV), at a joint session of the Provincial Council and Educational-Cultural Council approved the Decision of the Faculty of Philosophy of establishing of the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad (“Official Gazette of the SAPV” no. 17 published On July 10th, 1969). Slobodan Glumac, PhD, was appointed the Acting Dean and Professor Mirko Stojaković, PhD, was elected the first Dean of the Faculty.


The first President of the Faculty Council that managed the Faculty was Branislav Bukurov, PhD.


On January 1st, 1976, the decision was made to merge the university institutes with the Faculty of Sciences and the Basic Organizations of Associated Labour (BOAL) of the Faculty Institutes for Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography were created. The further processes integrated scientific and teaching activities within the fundamental disciplines of Faculties of Technology, Medicine and Agriculture at our Institutes.


During 1989, the spatial development of the Faculty of Sciences was completed with the construction of a "Blue Building" positioned between the Institute of Mathematics and Physics and Institute of Biology. The new building hosts the Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Geography and the Dean’s offices of the Faculty.